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Jinji Lake

Jinji Lake (Chinese: ???; Golden Rooster Lake)       

Brief Introduction of Jinji Lake
Jinji Lake is located in the central part of Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China, it was once a part of vast Taihu Lake. Now Jinji Lake has become China's largest urban lake and park and a symbol of a "new paradise on earth" in the city of Suzhou. It is 1.8 square kilometers larger than West Lake in the city of Hangzhou, covering an area of 7.18 square kilometers and its average depth is about 2.5 to 3 meters. 

There is a legend goes that, there used to be a golden chicken fell over a boat with numerous rice on a lake, the golden chicken began to eat rice and the fisher saw it, they were scared since they never see a chicken like such a big size so they kept feed it with rice. After the chicken full and it flew back to sky and sowed seeds to the ground nearby the lake, then the locals gained the food and renamed the lake Jinji Lake. 

There are two man-made islands in the lake. Design work on the lake area was done by EDAW, a United States architectural firm that has worked with Disney theme parks, there are some scenic spots with its own unique characteristics and charming.


The highlights of Jinji Lake
Ligong Causeway
Ligongdi, or Ligong Causeway, the scenic historical causeway, with a total length of 1,400-meter-long dike built along the famed Jinji Lake, got its name after the family name "Li" of its creator Li Chaoqiong, during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is a main waterfront leisure and entertainment area with various tourist resources and prosperous streets of catering and bars, has become one of the most important landmarks in Suzhou.

Visitors may be delighted since as if they are walking in a landscape painting depicting old stone bridges with carvings, quaint white-wash houses roofed with black tiles. During the day, you can see pink walls, black tiles, clear water and white waves. The courtyard buildings are standing row upon row, and the charm of water town is expressed through the combination of the layout of ancient Suzhou-style gardens and different patterns of ancient covered bridges and stone bridges. When night falls, the bright and colorful lights outline the unique shapes of the buildings, decorating Ligongdi into a beautiful rainbow reflected on the Jinji Lake. Ligong Causeway is one of the best destinations known for its amazing nightscape and fun facilities.

Ferris wheel
The Ferris wheel is a 120-metre tall giant Ferris wheel on the east bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, which is the largest Ferris wheel in Asia. It has 60 passenger cabins, every cabin can be available for six people that make this Ferris wheel very suitable for family tours, the Ferris wheel has the maximum capacity of 300 passengers. It has unique shape and the wonderful flashy lighting effects make it the "Eye of Jinji Lake". Here visitors will find a Huge circular LED screen, which is praised as the "World's No.1 Screen. The Ferris wheel was completed in 2009 and operated immediately until now.

Peach Blossom Island
Peach Blossom Island is named for its beautiful peach blossoms flourishing in spring, savored by the romantic and amorous Lovers’ Bay. Wandering there, you will feel as if you were in a Xanadu. You may explore the wild interests, or ascend to the pavilion for a distant view or enjoy the tea under the moonlit sky, all of comfort and pleasure.

Moonlight Dock
Located on the north bank of Jinji Lake, the Moonlight Dock integrates catering, entertainment and leisure. The layout of the Moonlight Dock is very unusual. Taking full advantage of the waterfront, it boasts 270-degree view angle. With both charming Chinese characteristics and distinct European style, the Moonlight Dock forms a delightful contrast with Ligongdi across the lake.

Musical Fountain
The Musical fountain is located in the west bank of Jinji Lake where visitors can enjoy the fantastic water and music show at the lakeside, this place is the largest waterscape engineering in East China. At night, with the theme of "the rhythm of water and flying songs", the show will leave visitors amazing memory.

Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre (SSCAC)
Suzhou Culture and Arts Center, formerly known as Suzhou Science and Culture Arts Center. It is located to the east of Jinji Lake at Suzhou Industrial Peak, Suzhou, Jiangsu. Covering an area of 138,000 square metre, and its total gross floor area is 150,000 square metres, the center is built near to the water, the building of the center is designed by Paul Andreu, who is a famous architect in the world, the core design philosophy of the building is "a pearl, a wall and a garden". Suzhou Culture and Arts Center is a top place for leisure, shopping, eating and becomes a new landmark of culture and arts.


How to get to Jinji Lake
Bus Route:
1.Take No.100 or 28 to Arts Center. 

2.Take No.10, 108, 120, 156, 206, 219, 21, 2, 47, 812, 2 to International Expo Center

Admission: Free
Opening Time: Whole Day
Time for Visit: 3 Hours

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