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Zhenze Ancient Water Town

Zhenze Ancient Water Town, Suzhou

Brief Introduction
Located at the Wujiang district in Suzhou, Zhenze ancient water town is a famous historical and cultural town in Jiangsu Province with a history of around 900 years, is the origin of sericulture. The town is also known as "the head of Wu State and the tail of Yue State", enjoys a great deal of historical and cultural relics.

Zhenze ancient water town was built in the Shaoxing reign of the Song Dynasty, in the middle period of the Qing Dynasty Zhenze Town had been flourishing in silk trade. The products were sold in many foreign countries. The land and water transportations are very convenient since Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal are passing through here. There are many historic relics including ancient bridges, old pagodas, Buddhist temples, the Ciyun Temple Tower built during the Three Kingdoms Period is absolutely the highlights in this town, and the Shijian Hall, which is reputed as the No1 hall in regions south of the Yangtze River, Yuji Bridge and Wang Xichan Memorial.

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Ciyun Temple & Ciyun Pagoda
Ciyun Temple was originally named Guangji temple, which is built in the Song dynasty and rebuilt in Ming dynasty. It's said that Sunquan's sister missed Liubei so much and always look forward he could come back by viewing far from the pagoda, hence "Wangfu Pagoda". The other said, the daughter of Song Huizong named Ciyun Princess had rebuilt the tower to remind her of national shame and humiliation, pray for the north, hoping her father could come back from confinement, hence "Ciyun". It was a six-story pagoda, made of brick wood structure with the height of 38.44 meters, it is composed of tower wall, corridors. By the temple, pagoda, bridge, water combined into a rich religious, classic complex of classical architecture. There are king hall, main hall, bell tower, pharmacist hall, three saints hall, hall of the God of wealth in Ciyun temple, which is one of the most famous temples in South China.

Wenchang Pavilion
The Wenchang pavilion was originally built in the early Qing Dynasty thirty-six years of Qianlong (1771), and renovated in 2009. Surrounded by water, stone lined paths and the three-story pavilion, it has become the main landscape reconstruction of Zhenze town. There is a "champion bridge" connecting south pier, di River Nanan, visitors can be on the pier.

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Zhenze provincial Wetland Park
The park was listed in the wetland ecosystem function area of Taihu. It is located in the Long Yang natural wetland near Lake Tai, with a total area of 916 hectares, of which 435 hectares is water. This wetland park is composed of Sanshan village, Qinxing village, Jinxing village, Zhongan bridge village and Qixin village, combine the ecological tourism and ecological environment protection and ecological education functions to realize the reasonable development of natural resources and ecological environment improvement, embodies the harmonious coexistence of man and nature realm. 

There are many famous historical sites and cultural legends in the park, such as Zhang Jiadun, Zhou Shengyang, fan tomb, Tang Jia Wan Temple, Anqing bridge, high bridge and so on. What's more, there are eight major landscapes in Zhenze ancient water town: the Sunset in Ciyun Temple, the Sail in the Flying Pavilion, Retro Peach Blossom Spring, Overlooking at Hong Bridge, Recalling Antiquity in Zhangdun, the Bell of the Puji Temple, Kangzhuang Villa and Fanli Stage. 


With newly established sites such as the China Taihu Lakeside Cuisine Culture Exhibition Hall and Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Machinery and Tools Museum, the ancient town welcomes tourists from both home and abroad like a beautiful brush drawing.


By car
1. From Shanghai to Zhenze
    It takes around 1.5 hours for one way (around 90km)
2. From Suzhou to Zhenze
    It takes around 1 hours for one way (around 50km)
3. From Shanghai to Zhenze
    It takes around 2 hours for one way (around 100km)

Travel Guide

Admission Fee: CNY 75
Opening Hours: 8:00-17:00
Add: Zhenze Town, Wujiang District, Suzhou
Time for Visit: 1.5 hours
Tel: 0512-63752779, 63751101

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