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Trains between Huangshan and major cities in China

Why visit Huangshan?

Huangshan, known as the Yellow Mountains, is one of the most important natural attractions in China. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it attracts a large number of tourists every year. Getting there is now easier with the construction of a high-speed train line that stops in Huangshan.
Huangshan is a granite massif consisting of 36 separate peaks, rising above 1,800 meters. Famous throughout Chinese artistic history, Huangshan represents the typical mountain in Chinese paintings. Frequently shrouded in mist, the many peaks appear to float on clouds. Huangshan is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography.

High-speed trains to Huangshan

With the recent construction of the high-speed line to Huangshan, visiting the area is now easier. High-speed trains arrive at the Huangshan north railway station. Next to the train station is a transportation center that can take you to the mountain or to nearby historic villages such as Hongcun. 

You can easily travel to Huangshan from a number of major tourist destinations or alternatively, visit a key destination after Huangshan by taking on of these bullet trains:

Shanghai-Huangshan-Shanghai train timetables
Note that there are also normal overnight trains

Shanghai to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G15098:4213:134 h 31 min
G151918:0722:134 h 06 min

Huangshan to Shanghai trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G15178:1112:224 h 11 min
G150713:5017:564 h 06 min

Business class: ?948
1st class: ?505.5
2nd class: ?304

Hangzhou-Huangshan-Hangzhou train timetables

Hangzhou to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G15099:4913:133 h 24 min
G151919:1322:133 h 00 min

Huangshan to Hangzhou trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G15178:1111:153 h 04 min
G150713:5016:593 h 09 min

Business class: ?729
1st class: ?388.5
2nd class: ?231

Beijing-Huangshan-Beijing train timetables

Beijing to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G2657:4814:136 h 25 min
G3558:4015:316 h 51 min
G279:4515:145 h 29 min
G32310:1016:546 h 44 min
G30110:4017:126 h 32 min
G32512:0518:186 h 13 min
G30312:3019:046 h 34 min
G35115:3122:026 h 31 min

Huangshan to Beijing trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G3528:0014:296 h 29 min
G3029:3816:186 h 40 min
G32211:4918:266 h 37 min
G2812:1017:355 h 25 min
G32413:2720:136 h 46 min
G27014:3821:066 h 28 min
G30414:5521:426 h 47 min
G35615:2322:196 h 56 min

Business class: ?1732.5
1st class: ?924
2nd class: ?548.5

Xiamen-Huangshan-Xiamen train timetables

Xiamen to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G3227:1911:454 h 26 min
G2427:4711:584 h 11 min
G3248:3913:244 h 45 min
G35610:5915:184 h 19 min
G160212:4216:534 h 11 min
G167614:5219:234 h 31 min
G161215:0019:374 h 37 min

Huangshan to Xiamen trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G16119:2013:434 h 23 min
G167310:3214:594 h 27 min
G160111:2615:504 h 24 min
G35515:3520:074 h 32 min
G24116:2020:574 h 37 min
G32316:5821:474 h 49 min
G32518:2222:444 h 22 min

Business class: ?943
1st class: ?474
2nd class: ?302

Guangzhou-Huangshan-Guangzhou train timetables

Guangzhou to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G6369:1216:116 h 59 min

Huangshan to Guangzhou trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G63516:0323:207 h 17 min

Business class: ?2039
1st class: ?1061
2nd class: ?646

Hong Kong-Huangshan-Hong Kong train timetables
Huangshan can be reached by bullet train from Hong Kong by simply crossing over the border to Shenzhen. The train departs from the Shenzhen north station.

Shenzhen to Huangshan trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G16028:5216:538 h 01 min

Huangshan to Shenzhen trains

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G160111:2619:398 h 13 min

Business class: ?1522
1st class: ?809
2nd class: ?495

Xi’An-Huangshan-Xi’An train timetables

Xi’An to Huangshan

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G190410:3118:518 h 20 min

Huangshan to Xi’An

Train #Dep.Arr.Duration
G190210:4818:457 h 57 min

Business class: ?2098
1st class: ?1086.5
2nd class: ?664.5

The popular overnight trains to Huangshan

Travellers on a budget often prefer overnight trains as they are cheaper and eliminate the need to pay for a hotel room. The most popular overnight route is between Shanghai and Huangshan. The best trains are, for Shanghai-Huangshan K8418 and for Huangshan-Shanghai K8420 or K784.

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