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Yangcheng Lake produces a new type of hairy crab


The Yangcheng Lake National Modern Agriculture Demonstration Area is breeding a new hairy crab, the Yangcheng Lake No.1 Chinese Mitten Crab, with brand new ecological breeding model in its 35 hectares aquaculture demonstration area.

It's expected that this batch of Chinese Mitten Crab will be mature and hit the market by the end of September.

To improve the water environment and preserve the Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, the agriculture demonstration area has worked with Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Suzhou Aquatic Technology Center to explore aquatic enclosure breeding methods in the Yangcheng Lake.

In 2017, the area built its phase-one 20 hectares ecological breeding base and the Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences formed a leading group to develop a new model of hairy crab breeding and to improve the lake's water quality.

With the success of the breeding experiment, the new breeding model has been used in the Yangchen Lake enclosure breeding area. The Yangchen Lake No.1 Chinese Mitten Crab is very sensitive to water environment, so many aquatic plants and clams have been used to create a proper environment, forming an organic comprehensive ecological food chain, said Xu Pao, director of FFRC.

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